Vending Machines Removed from Commons

Ruby Isay, Staff Writer

Last school year Friends high school students enjoyed the option of vending machines filled with a variety of snacks in the Upper School Commons. Delicious grab-and-go items such as pretzels, chips, and granola bars filled the machines. Often, the Commons were packed with hungry students waiting their turn to get a quick snack to satisfy their hunger on the way to class or while getting their work done. When students were welcomed back to school this year, a new system was introduced, which removed vending machines, instead bringing fresh food such as fruit, sandwiches, and string cheese. “The vending machines weren’t always reliable and ran out early in the morning,” said Morgan Maslansky ‘24. “I originally thought that the new fresh food would be a positive change and I was right. The food is always there and always feels better to eat, rather than a bag of chips.” Having the ability to grab nutritious foods sets students up for success, especially with long school days and a variety of extracurricular activities that might occupy their time. 

The Commons has been a popular gathering place for students of all grades. You can regularly find ninth graders, new, and returning, bonding there as they continue to get used to Upper School life. “The Commons is a place I can quickly stop in and find many of my friends. It is a perfect place for a quick bite and also a great spot to catch up with one another. I love the addition of bagels.” Milo Kitman ‘26 said. 

Thanks to the addition of fresh food in the Commons, students are now reaping the benefits of having a common area more than ever before. The removal of vending machines also encourages students to sit with their food, which might lead them to socialize instead of leaving immediately after. It is exciting to see how the community is building because of these new dining options.