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Corporate America’s Condemnations Are Empty

Andy Judlowe, Editor-In-Chief February 12, 2024

Corporate ethics have long been a topic of debate and frustration in the U.S. In recent years, consumers have been enraged by Apple’s connections with exploitative child labor, the PGA’s surrender...

Look the Same?

The Pollen Problem

Ammad Zuberi, Staff Writer July 5, 2023

Seasonal allergies during spring have always been a part of life for many New Yorkers, but they are getting worse. The increase in pollen allergies has to do with many factors, including the type of trees...

Thanksgiving Foods Ranked

Thanksgiving Foods Ranked

Ruby Isay, Staff Writer November 28, 2022

As Thanksgiving break wrapped up, students and their families celebrated “Turkey day.” Preparing a stereotypical Thanksgiving meal often takes many hours, along with much dedication and patience. Everyone's...

Opinion: Vaccine Mandates are Moral

Alexandra Levy, Lead Opinions Editor April 5, 2022

The pandemic has been ongoing for almost two years, and we’ve had the vaccine for only 14 months. However, just 76% of the United States population has gotten at least one dose, leaving almost a quarter...

Attacks Against AAPI Community Incite Fear, Reflection

Attacks Against AAPI Community Incite Fear, Reflection

Jamie Palladino, Editor-In-Chief June 23, 2021

To start off, I want to say that I can only speak on my own experience as an Asian American. Every experience, and every story, is different. I don’t claim that my experience encapsulates the whole experience...

Senior passes down high school advice

Beatrice Moyers June 1, 2021

The end of the year is almost here, which means I am about to leave Friends, along with the community of people I’ve met here. I have a few pieces of advice to pass down to younger high school students.  1....

Editorial: Keep snow days

The Editorial Board February 25, 2021

This winter has brought tremendous snowfall. Still, the weather has failed to offer any breaks: New York City schools – including Friends Seminary, which has canceled snow days in the Upper School –...

Editorial: Shop local this holiday season

The Editorial Board December 22, 2020

Things are looking bleak for small businesses this winter. People have lost jobs and have become less likely to buy non-essential items. Fears of catching the virus have reduced foot traffic in stores....

Election pollsters should change methods

Alexandra Levy, Staff Writer December 2, 2020

The 2016 election results shocked Americans who had been following polls, almost all of which predicted a clear victory for Hillary Clinton. While Clinton did win the popular vote, she ultimately lost...

The Renewable Rikers Act proposes replacing the jails on Rikers island with a solar farm, expanding renewable energy sources.

Renewable Rikers Act creates opportunity to make NYC more sustainable

Abby Berman, Staff Writer November 25, 2020

If you care about sustainability or clean energy, if you care about climate change – you care about the Renewable Rikers Act. It’s a local act pertaining to New York City that strives to address climate...

Op-Ed: Abolish standardized testing

Jamie Palladino, Junior Editor November 2, 2020

The standardized test system is an undeniably racist, classist system. A 2013 research paper written by the University of Pennsylvania’s Ezekiel J. Dixon-Roman and John J. Mcardle of the University of...

Editorial: Keep standardized testing optional

The Editorial Board and November 2, 2020

When American colleges opened their doors in the seventeenth century, it was to a select few. Aside from tuition costs, if you didn’t live in a university town, you had to pay to visit each college and...

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