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Friends Responds to Hamas Attack

Sascha Belcove, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

On October 7, word of Hamas’s attacks in Israel instantly spread to every corner of the world, as did the shock of the war that continues to unfold. The war’s effects did not miss Friends Seminary.  ...

A Reflection on Food Waste

Simon Friedman, Junior Editor February 12, 2024

This past summer, I traveled to Vietnam and Thailand on a three week trip, where I learned about the countries’ cultures and lifestyles. Throughout the trip, I picked up on an underlying theme regarding...

From the Political Action Club: A Profile on Gretchen Whitmer

Sebastian Tirschwell and Livia Shrednick February 12, 2024

At a time when politics can feel so bleak, the Political Action Club at Friends wanted to remind you that there is still great hope to be found. We are starting a series of articles in The Insight to share...

Friends’ Teachers’ Union

Sebastian Tirschwell, Junior Editor February 12, 2024

  The Friends Seminary Teachers Association (FSTA) is the school’s Teachers Union and has been an integral part of the Friends community since the association’s founding in 1976. The Union...

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Grant Smith, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

The Friends Girls Varsity Volleyball team had a very successful year, finishing in second place in the ACIS conference and only losing two games throughout the season. This was exciting because the team...

Where Does Our Water Come From?

Isabelle Steiglehner, Junior Editor February 12, 2024

After almost three years without water fountains (due to Covid), Friends has recently reinstalled the glorious machines. Despite gratefully spraying the water into their mouths from the fountains, many...

The Burnt Side of the Pan

Maahiya Bose, Junior Editor February 12, 2024

It’s the first day of school, and the cafeteria is swarming with activity. New faces survey the salad bar, the hot food, the sandwiches, and each other. Students line up, passing their plates beneath...

Then vs. Now Photo from Friends Seminary Archives, 2011

Friends Over the Years

Ines Cameo and Wilhelmina Freundlich January 28, 2024

Established teachers have seen Friends Seminary change and grow both in its faculty and mission over the years. We talked to some of Friends’ longest-tenured teachers to learn about how the school has...

A photograph from the archives of a Friends Seminary classroom from the late nineteenth century. This image shows the separation of boys and girls in the classroom as mentioned in the New York Times article from 1862.

Friends From the Archives: In the Light of History

Maahiya Bose, Junior Editor January 28, 2024

Anyone who passes by Friends Seminary is made aware that the school was “Founded 1786,” as the banner flying above 16th Street says, but few know much beyond that. Friends Seminary, once the Friends’...

Affirmative Action Overturned

Sebastian Tirschwell, Junior Editor January 28, 2024

The overturning of affirmative action in the United States Supreme Court on 29 June 2023, marked a very significant turning point in American universities and social equity. For over six decades, race-based...

Photo from the New York Daily News after Hurricane Ida

No Rainy Day Plan

Ammad Zuberi, Junior Editor January 28, 2024

The month of September brought record-setting rains across the Tri-State Area. The failure of New York’s infrastructure to hold up against the heavy rainfall was disturbing. Closed airport terminals,...

A Night at the Friends Shelter

A Night at the Friends Shelter

August Castelli, Staff Writer December 8, 2023

On a recent Friday evening, the sun began to set as I walked up the steps of the 15 Rutherford Place entrance to the Meeting House. I had done this walk countless times before, but this time it felt different....

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