Winter Track Teams Competes in First In-Person Season in Two Years

Simon Friedman, Staff Writer

The Friends Seminary Winter Track Team is competing in their first in-person season since 2020. The team captains, Connor Zenker ‘22 and Plum Luard ‘22, are excited to practice and compete in track meets. Luard explained she has been “looking forward to competing again after last year of not being able to compete.” The team practices between three to four times a week and their meets are on Wednesdays.


COVID-19 has been a concern for runners during track because they compete indoors and runners breathe heavily in close proximity. Zenker hopes the runners “will create a safe environment” and that “everyone is vaccinated and wearing masks when they are not on the track.” Zenker says that he tried wearing a mask while running, and it was very difficult. He is hoping the team will not have to wear them but is flexible and will put safety before comfort. The team’s coach Inese also has the same view about wearing masks during races, but to be safe she says practices will take place outside so everyone can safely take their masks off. When practicing inside or participating in indoor meets, Inese says the team will always wear masks. 

The three leaders of the Track team want dedicated runners on the team that will come to practices and meets and to improve from the beginning of the season to the end. It is common for runners to give up quickly because running can be tiring and hard, but the captains hope for people to stay and build a supportive community. Because Plum is graduating this year, she says that she wants to recruit involved, dedicated underclassmen to build a solid new generation for Friends Seminary track. Both Zenker and Luard want at least ten runners but are “hoping for as many people as possible” and Luard says she hopes for “an even gender breakdown.” Coach Inese is also looking for fifteen to twenty people on the team. She makes a point that “even if we had one person I would give my 100 percent.” She loves seeing someone start out not knowing much about running and then watching them improve and get in shape as they become a better and faster runner. The team captains and coach seem very excited about this year’s track season regardless of what the hurdles may be.