Reactions to allegations of voter fraud

Community members react to Donald Trump’s accusations of widespread voter fraud.

Following Biden’s projected victory in the presidential election, President Donald Trump has continuously suggested there was widespread voter fraud. He has since allowed the transition process to begin, but continues his legal battles and refuses to concede. 

Community members largely dismissed President Donald Trump’s claims, but some suggested Trump could undermine democratic institutions.

Neelan Martin 21 was unimpressed by Trump’s accusations, saying that unlike in 2000 – when George W. Bush and Al Gore spent months disputing a close race in Florida – Biden’s victory was indisputable, standing on multiple key states.

“I mean this guy is so predictable,” Martin said. “We said months ago this was going to happen. If this was a Bush v. Gore situation I might be worried. But we’re not going to enter that.”

Aidan Taubenblat–Roberts 23 said that accusations of voter fraud were unsubstantiated and lacked evidence. He suggested the GOP should celebrate their victories and look forward. 

“You lose, you lose,” Taubenblat–Roberts said.  “This wasn’t a terrible election for the Republican party as a whole. They won house seats in a lot of key places. Trump should admit defeat and move on. ”

Katherine Olson, Head of the English Department, said the accusations of fraud could have more residual impacts.

“My concern is that, in the long run, this won’t make Trump look crazy,” Olson said. “I’m not sure Trump thinks he can win or not, but he is undermining Biden. And it’s a no-cost game for [Trump].”

Olson said her concerns were amplified by the support GOP members continue to show for Trump’s allegations.

“Instead of Republicans increasingly distancing themselves from Trump, they seem to be coming back to the fold,” Olson said. “That’s terrifying to me.”

Jacqueline Isaacson 24 said she thought the transition of power would be unimpeded, but that she worried the accusations of fraud would solidify partisan divides.

“Trump can’t lock himself in the White House,” Isaacson said. “But It’s definitely concerning because it’s strengthening the divide between Republicans and Democrats. There’s already such a strong political divide. This isn’t helping.” 

Zander Iacono 23 said he was concerned voter fraud allegations could undermine future democratic processes.   

“There is no evidence to support Trump’s claims. He is spreading misinformation, adding fuel to the fire, and altering how people think about democracy,” Iacono said. “This endangers how future elections might work.”

Iacono had advice for those seeking to parse these allegations of fraud.

“Just look at the facts,” Iacono said. 

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