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Community reacts to presidential election results

Seven community members share initial reactions to election results, hopes and concerns for the Biden–Harris presidency, and comment on president Donald Trump's allegations of voter fraud.

Reactions to election results

Charles Gorrivan, Editor-in-Chief

Katherine Olson, Head of the English department, was taken aback by a chorus of celebratory shouts as she shopped at a farmers market on Saturday, November 11th. Democratic nominee Joseph Biden had just been projected to win the presidency. “Everyone started to scream. I did too.” Olson said. “I actually started to cry. I think I just felt really relieved.” Olson said the announcement...

Hopes for Biden presidency

Charles Gorrivan, Editor-in-Chief

Community members differed in the ways they identified with Biden’s policies but shared hopes of his administration restoring unity. Anya Juneja ’22 said they preferred more progressive candidates in the Democratic primary, but that Biden’s moderate platform may lend itself to compromise, improve the pandemic response, and expand civil liberties.  “He's a good pick for the Democrati...

Concerns for Biden presidency

Charles Gorrivan, Editor-in-Chief

Community members shared concerns of a Biden presidency, citing his platform, past, and age. Neelan Martin ’21 said while he had supported Biden in the presidential race, the president-elect must be held accountable in office. “Just because he's a Democrat doesn't mean he's going to be perfect,” Martin said. “We need to press him to do the best for this country – to restore this co...

Reactions to vice president-elect

Charles Gorrivan, Editor-in-Chief

Reactions to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris were mostly favorable, though some were troubled by her record as Attorney General in California. Ariella Shulman ’21 was impressed by Harris’s experience and charisma. “I love the fact that she has a history in law and prosecuting and I think that gives her a really unique perspective on political issues,” Shulman said. “I think she...

Reactions to allegations of voter fraud

Charles Gorrivan, Editor-in-Chief

Following Biden’s projected victory in the presidential election, President Donald Trump has continuously suggested there was widespread voter fraud. He has since allowed the transition process to begin, but continues his legal battles and refuses to concede.  Community members largely dismissed President Donald Trump’s claims, but some suggested Trump could undermine democratic institutions. Neelan M...

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