The New York Mets: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love DeGrom

This depth chart shows Cooper’s predictions for the Met’s starters, rotation, and bullpen when they are at peak strength in the next few years.

It’s official: the New York Mets have acquired the Cleveland Indians shortstop, Francisco Lindor, and pitcher, Carlos Carrasco, via trade. This move has rocked the baseball world, and the deal is lopsided in the Mets’ favor. This acquisition adds two great players to the Mets’ flourishing roster, leading many to consider the Mets a playoff contender. The hype around the Mets was also pushed by Steve Cohen’s acquisition of the team. Cohen is the best owner the Mets could ask for (at least personality-wise, though some may disagree with his business practices). Cohen has been making improvements. The Mets had been missing strength in their catcher and bullpen since the departures of Bartolo Colon and Travis D’Arnaud. As a result, Cohen picked up catcher James McCann and relief pitcher Trevor May in the free agency. After Robinson Cano tested positive for performance enhancing drugs and received a suspension, Cohen also picked up infielder Johnathan Villar. Under the Wilpon family’s ownership, the Mets were having trouble retaining their stars due to funding issues. Now, thanks to Cohen, they have the financial capacity to keep stars like Michael Conforto around.  I believe that starting pitcher Jacob DeGrom will still be at the height of his career for another few years. He has the help he needs in a re-signed Marcus Stroman and a recovered Noah Syndergaard. After dealing away Steven Matz, the Mets had room to add Taijuan Walker to the pitching lineup. Further, with the addition of Carrasco, the Mets have one of the best starting rotations in the league. First baseman Pete Alonso, left fielder Jeff McNeil, and center fielder Brandon Nimmo will be hitting their prime very soon. And with Lindor, a 4-time All-star, 2-time Golden Glove, 2-time Silver Slugger, their infield should be set. New York now has a plethora of talent on both offense and defense. And, since Cohen has beefed up the pitching staff, we should all be excited to see the next few years of Mets baseball.

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