Cooper: The New York sports renaissance to come

Cooper: The New York sports renaissance to come

New York City often is gifted with multiple good sports teams at the same time. The Yankees and Knicks both made their respective finals in 1999. In 1986, the Mets won the World Series. They were followed by the Giants’ super bowl victory a year later. A similar New York victory run could happen in the next four to five years as three New York Metropolitan sports teams vie for their titles: the Mets, the Jets, and the Knicks.

The New York Mets: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love DeGrom

Noah Cooper, Staff Writer

It’s official: the New York Mets have acquired the Cleveland Indians shortstop, Francisco Lindor, and pitcher, Carlos Carrasco, via trade. This move has rocked the baseball world, and the deal is lopsided in the Mets’ favor. This acquisition adds two great players to the Mets’ flourishing roster, leading many to consider the Mets a playoff contender. The hype around the Mets was also pushed by...

The New York Knicks: Temple Immanuel of Midtown

Noah Cooper , Staff Writer

The last time the Knicks made the playoffs was seven years ago. Due to injuries, aging, and lack of coaching talent, no player from the 2013 team is left on their roster. Nonetheless, the Knicks have a promising duo in center Mitchell Robinson and small forward RJ Barrett. Another plus is the improved play of power forward Julius Randle: he has clearly worked on his jump shot over the summer a...

The New York Jets: The Fortress of Saleh-tude

Noah Cooper, Staff Writer

The Jets finished the 2021 season 2-14 due to their leaky defense and poor performance from QB Sam Darnold. They performed so badly that many speculated that they were tanking intentionally, which is not true – they were just incredibly bad. Luckily for the Jets, they have nine draft picks this year. They will receive the second overall pick. Now, they have two possible plans of action – both ...

Why the Nets, Yankees, and Giants won’t be apart of the renaissance

Noah Cooper, Staff Writer

The Nets I mean no disrespect towards the Nets. They currently have three future Hall of Fame candidates in Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. But you have to remember, I'm predicting the sports world in more than 3 years. By then, Kevin Durant will be 36 and likely debilitated due to the Achilles injuries he has sustained, and Kyrie and Harden will be on the wrong side of thirty. The N...

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