Concerns for Biden presidency

Community members share concerns about Biden’s character, policies, and past.

Community members shared concerns of a Biden presidency, citing his platform, past, and age.

Neelan Martin ’21 said while he had supported Biden in the presidential race, the president-elect must be held accountable in office.

“Just because he’s a Democrat doesn’t mean he’s going to be perfect,” Martin said. “We need to press him to do the best for this country – to restore this country.”

Martin said that he worried about Biden’s Middle Eastern policy, citing the Obama-Biden Administration’s counter-terrorism efforts that incurred numerous civilian casualties. 

“I worry a little bit about the drone strikes,” Martin said. “But I do think no matter what, Biden will probably be a lot better than Trump.”

Aidan Taubenblat–Roberts ’23 said he was concerned that Biden would embrace the rhetoric of self-proclaimed “socialist” leaders on the far left, who he said have lost Democrats House and Senate seats, key states like Florida in the presidential election. 

“I hope Biden listens to [progressives] and their ideas, but that he also listens to Republicans,” Taubenblat–Roberts said. “If progressives can prove in the 2022 midterms that their ideals are key, maybe he can look at more of their ideas. But I think it’s time to be bipartisan”

Katherine Olson, Head of the English Department, said she was skeptical of Biden’s past support of the Hyde Amendment, which limits federal funding of abortion and has barred women in low-income groups from abortion access. Biden abruptly renounced his endorsement of the bill last year after decades of support. Olson said her distrust in Biden remained.

“It’s about what [opposing abortion] tells you about the person,” Olson said. “If you can’t imagine yourself in that situation [needing an abortion], then you have no empathy.” 

Zander Iacono ’23 said he worried about Biden – who will be 78 in January –  growing older in office, but that he is mostly “not concerned.”

Anya Juneja ’22 was more direct. 

“He’s really old,” they said. “I’m a little concerned he might die in office.”

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